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About the OLEV Grant

In a nutshell:

There are two types of government financial help available for prospective purchasers of low emission vehicles. These are overseen by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) which operates within the Department for Transport (DfT).

  • A grant towards the purchase price of your low emission vehicle
  • A grant towards the cost of charger installation at your home or workplace

Purchase Grant Explained:

OLEV will provide a grant for the following categories of low emission vehicle:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Mopeds
  • Vans
  • Taxis
  • Large vans and trucks

The size of the grant depends on the category.

IMPORTANTLY – prospective buyers do NOT need to do anything to get this grant other than purchase an OLEV approved vehicle i.e. the dealer will factor the grant into the purchase price.

For information only therefore:

  • Cars: the RRP of the car must be less than 35k GBP. The government will contribute 35% of the cost up to a maximum of 2.5k GBP. List of cars can be found here and is obviously changing all the time.
  • Motorcycles: 20% of purchase price up to a maximum of 1.5k GBP. List in same place.
  • Mopeds: 20% of purchase price up to maximum of 1.5k. List in same place.
  • Vans: 20% up to a maximum of 8k.
  • Taxis: 20%, 7.5k max.
  • Large cans and trucks: First 200 vehicles are eligible for 20%, 20k max. Thereafter, 20%, 8k max.

Charger Installation Grant Explained:

Prospective buyers of chargers for domestic use can get 350 GBP including VAT towards the installation. This is called the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHCS).

Prospective buyer of chargers for their workplace can get 350 GBP towards a maximum of 40 sockets e.g. 14k GBP maximum. This is called the Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS).

EVHCS. There are some important details to be aware of for domestic charger grant:

  1. The low emission vehicle owners do NOT make the claim for the grant. The installer does. There is a form that both installer and customer must complete to provide evidence of installation of an approved device, by an approved installer, for an approved vehicle. The grant is factored into the price of the installation. Any remainder obviously paid by the customer in agreement with the installer. The grant is paid in arrears.
  2. You cannot claim the grant for same vehicle i.e. you move to a new house having already claimed it on your previous property.
  3. You can claim it for a second installation if you can prove you have two low emission vehicles. The maximum grants per household is two.
  4. Installer must be on an approved government list. See here. 1801 approved installers on the list as we write but changing all the time.
  5. Car must be an approved model. See here. 122 models currently on the list.
  6. Charger must be an approved model. See here. 367 models currently on list.

WCS. Details related to the workplace charger grant:

  1. It is a voucher-based scheme. The voucher must be applied for and granted BEFORE the installation takes place.
  2. The process is as follows:
    1. Applicant completes the application via the government online portal
    2. Voucher is generated
    3. Approved installer completes the installation
    4. Installer submits claim via the government online portal
    5. Grant gets confirmed (max 350 GBP per socket, max 40 sockets)
    6. Installer gets the grant
  3. You cannot apply for the voucher after the installation; you must have followed the process above. As such the grant is also paid in arrears.
  4. You must be UK based registered business, charity or public sector organisation to be eligible i.e. you must be registered at Companies House BUT if you are not VAT registered and/or registered at Companies House, you might still be eligible if HMRC has you registered as a business for tax purposes.
  5. You must have off-street parking for your low emission ‘fleet’.
  6. You must own the building(s) or have consent from the owner.

Summary: if you are thinking of buying a low emission vehicle for home or at work with a charging point at home or at work then you won’t actually receive any money from the government directly. The grant is given to the vehicle dealership as purchase price incentive and for charger installation it is claimed by the installer, who passes on the discount in their invoice to you.

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EV charge points for the home

If you're based in England, you can claim up to £350, with £300 grants available for Scotland residents. You can save around £1,000 a year in fuel costs with a home charging point.


EV charge points for businesses

The Government offers businesses, charities and local authorities financial incentive to have charge points installed at their commercial premises under the Workplace Charging Scheme. You'll be provided up to £350 per socket at 75% of the total cost of installation and up to maximum of 20 sockets.

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