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Our Commitment

Raindancer Ltd and its affiliates are committed to abiding by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensuing regulations. Raindancer Ltd pledges to be open and transparent in how we use, control and safeguard our clients’ data. 

This paper sets out the Data Policy for Raindancer Ltd which applies to all our affiliated sites. 

Who is responsible for our data? 

Raindancer Ltd has appointed one of its senior directors to execute the responsibilities of Data Protection Officer (DPO). That person is Rich Crossley. Contactable at 

Our responsibilities are primarily to ensure regularly reviewed compliance with the requirements set out in GDPR and, in the UK, monitored and upheld by the Information Commissioner’s Office ( 

What data do we hold? 

We only ask for and hold the data needed for the purposes of transacting our business. We store: 

  • Client name 
  • Client address 
  • Client email 
  • Client telephone numbers 
  • Client Home Ownership status or permission to install
  • Client requirement e.g. what type of charger installation do you require 

What do we use this data for? 

If a client requests information on a charger installation requirement, we use the data to understand the nature of that requirement, to gauge the intent and priority of that requirement. Once we have ascertained that, we then pass the information onto selected partners so that they may contact the client and provide quotes for undertaking their project.  

Raindancer Ltd recognises that it is both a data controller (deciding what do with a client's data) and a data processor (gathering information for the purposes set out above).  

How long do we hold data for? 

We review data deletion on a quarterly basis. We only hold data for the duration of the enquiry and (as applicable) subsequent engagement with one of our partners such that we can follow up with the client on their satisfaction with any job undertaken.  Once the data is no longer required, it is permanently deleted from our records. 

How do we secure our data? 

Currently, access to client data is password protected and only accessible to those within the company domain unless passed to a partner Firm (see How we check partner compliance later). Raindancer Ltd constantly reviews its data security tools and will seek to implement the most relevant encryption techniques to further safeguard our client's data. 

Who do we share data with? 

Depending on the information provided by the client, Raindancer Ltd will share the data with selected approved charger installers. 

How do we ensure the data policy compliance of our partners? 

Raindancer Ltd seeks written confirmation of GDPR compliance with all its partners. We set out our expectation of their data handling in any agreement we engage in and this information can be provided upon request. 

How can clients access their data? 

Raindancer Ltd allows clients complete access to all the data we hold on them. Information requests can be sent to the Data Protection Officers above. We uphold to respond to any enquiry within 30 days of the request being received. 

How can clients correct or request restriction or deletion of their data? 

Raindancer Ltd allows clients complete access to all the data we hold on them. Changedeletion or restriction requests can be sent to the Data Protection Officers above. We uphold to respond to any enquiry within 30 days of the request being received. 

What happens in the event of a data breach? 

We have a process in place to assess the likely risk to individuals as a result of a breach. Our employees and partners know that any suspected breach needs to be escalated within 72 hours of discovery. The DPOs will undertake to assess the risk resulting from breach or suspected breach. We will contact the ICO should we deem the breach material but given the limited extent of the data gathered, we believe this is unlikely to qualify. We will inform affected individuals about a breach when it is likely to result in a high risk to their rights and freedoms but given the limited extent of the data gathered, we believe this is unlikely to qualify 

We will inform affected individuals without undue delay. We will document all breaches or suspected breaches, even if they do not all need to be reported. 

How we ensure compliance of our employees? 

Raindancer Ltd ensures all employees read and sign off on its Data Policy. We undertake to ensure this sign off is completed by each employee no less than annually and within the first month of any new employee joining the company. We record this compliance and this can be provided upon request. 

How we make our commitment transparent? 

The contents of this policy will be available via a link on the home page of any of our sites. The link is entitled Your data. Your rights. Our Commitment. 

How to complain? 

In the event that a client is not satisfied with our handling of their data. A complaint can be submitted to the Information Commissioner’s Office by following this link. 

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