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OLEV is now OZEV

In December 2020, the UK Government announced that the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) would become the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) to keep in line with its net-zero ambition by 2050 and the ban of petrol and disel vehicle sales by 2030. Here's the relevant excerpt from that announcment:

"To align with the government’s net-zero ambitions, last month the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) which is the government unit responsible for overseeing the transition to zero-emission cars and vans, was renamed to The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)."

In essence the grant details remain the same. OZEV offer financial incentives (the OZEV grant) to help people and businesses transition to electric vehicle ownership. The vehicle, chargepoint and installer must be approved by OZEV - more on this below. But in summary, OZEV will provide a maximum of £3,000 of the cost of a new electric vehicle - this is discounted in the showroom - and a max of £350 (inc VAT) of the cost of your chargepoint and its installation at home or up to £350 (inc VAT) per chargepoint at your business permises for up to a maximum of 40 sockets. To receive either grant you will need off-street parking.


How does work?

We eduate owners and prospective owners of electric vehicles about how they can get £350 back on their chargepoint installation.

government grant for ev chargers

1. Let us know about your vehicle and where you live

We'll check whether your EV qualifies.

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2. Let us know your address in the UK will help find qualified installer to help you get your chargepoint set-up and ready to go.


3. Claim £350 back on your chargepoint install

The OZEV qualified engineer will help you get a maximum of £350 back on your installation.

Locate an OZEV qualified engineer will put you in touch with qualified engineers at your location.

For Home or Business?


Domestic Charging Points

UK residents can qualify for up to £350 towards their socket installation. Folk based in Scotland can claim an additional £300 on top of the OZEV grant. Save approximately £1,000 on your motoring costs with an approved charging point for your EV.


Commercial Charging Points

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles provides commercial incentives to make the transition to electric vehicles. Your business can claim £350 per charge point up to 40 charging points.

About the OZEV Grant

Electric vehicles are seen as a crucial part of decarbonising our travel and reducing tailpipe pollution through zero emissions. The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV formerly OLEV) administers a grant scheme providing financial incentives to help people make the transition both at home and at work, informally known as the OZEV grant.

What is the OZEV grant?

OZEV's Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) provides up to a 75% contribution to installing a chargepoint at your property. The grant is capped at £350 including VAT per installation. There are some requirements that a person must meet: you must own (or have ordered) or leased a qualifying vehicle and have dedicated off-street parking at your property. If you are not the owner of your property – you must have permission from the person that does. You can apply for the grant for a maximum of two installations per property, but you must own or lease two electric vehicles.

What are the qualification criteria?

  • Your car must be on the OZEV approved list of vehicles – see next section.
  • You will need proof of ownership, purchase or lease.
  • You will need have off-street parking.
  • You will need to a chargepoint approved by OZEV. Click here for the list.
  • You will need to use an installer who is approved by OZEV. Click here for the list.
  • If you have claimed previously then you do not qualify unless you are doing so for a second chargepoint for a second vehicle.

Which vehicles qualify?

The list of qualifying vehicles is being added to all the time as manufacturers release new models. You can find the latest here.

Used cars also qualify as long as they are on the approved vehicle list and the application is made shortly after taking ownership.

What is the Scottish Scheme?

Live in Scotland? You could qualify for an additional £300 kicked in on top of the OZEV grant. This is managed by the Energy Saving Trust. Slightly more is available if you live in a remote area in Scotland. There is an additional requirement for the installer to be approved in Scotland in order to qualify for the extra financial help.

Can I get a grant for my business?

In short – yes. OZEV operate a Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) which provides financial incentives for businesses to use low/zero emission vehicles. The criteria are similar to the homecharge scheme in that:

  1. Your place of business needs its own parking away from the street.
  2. Your business needs to prove that it has or will have the need for EV chargepoints in the near future i.e., own/lease or show you have ordered a qualifying vehicle.
  3. Installation must be carried out by an OZEV-qualified engineer.

If you do meet the criteria, OZEV will provide up to £350 (inc VAT) per chargepoint for up to a maximum of 40 sockets.

Need an OZEV qualified engineer for your installation?

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