UK grants available for electric cars

If you’re thinking about making a switch to an electric vehicle, there isn’t a better time than now. Thanks to UK grants for electric cars, you could save a considerable sum and help the planet at the same time.

To find out more, check out our summary of Government grants for individuals and businesses.


EVHS stands for Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. And, although there are more than 9,000 public chargers in the UK, the number isn’t enough. As a result, this scheme offers homeowners who install a charger on their property a massive 75% off the charger’s price. There is a maximum of £500 that you can’t exceed, and your car has to be approved by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. If it is, though, the EVHS will reduce the upfront expenses currently included in purchasing an electric vehicle.

The Workplace Charging Scheme

WPS is the commercial equivalent to the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. The Workplace Charging Scheme is aimed at businesses that require financial support for companies looking to buy and install chargers. The 75% discount is the same, yet this applies to each socket up to a maximum amount of £500. As long as you have a Companies House reference number, any organisation can apply for this UK grant for 20 chargers across all their sites.

What’s great about this grant for electric cars is that the business nor your employees must own an EV. All you need to do is show a requirement for the charger or an intention to invest in them.

On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS)

Owning a private charger is undoubtedly the aim of every electric vehicle owner. Unfortunately, certain aspects prevent this from happening, especially in big cities. Urban areas are already densely populated with people and properties, and lots of homes don’t have drives or garages as a result.

ORCS is a grant for local authorities, giving them the funds to install public chargers on streets. The Energy Saving Trust runs it. A feature of this grant is that the money is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, any resident who needs on-street charge points should contact the council as soon as possible.

Plug-in Car Grant

The Plug-in Car Grant is the most suitable and popular of the UK grants available for electric cars. The reason is simple: the discount is taken off the cost of an EV. However, you’re not eligible yourself, but dealerships that sell low-emission cars. Choose a vehicle that’s included in the scheme and you’ll receive a 35% write-off, up to £3,500. To claim the Plug-in Car Grant, your new vehicle’s CO2 emissions need to be lower than 50g/km. It also must drive a minimum of 70 miles without releasing any CO2.

Mopeds and motorbikes quality, too, as do electric vans. For the former, there can be no CO2 emissions, and they must travel at least 31 miles before charging. Then, the grant covers 20 per cent of the retail price up to £1,500. Vans with the best emissions rates, such as a Citroen Berlingo, get 20 per cent of the price up to £8,000.

Claim your OLEV grant here.