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Claim your OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant

Reduce the cost of Workplace charge points by up to £14,000 with the government WCS grant. Reduce your company's vehicle emissions to zero!

Is your business eligible for the OLEV workplace charging scheme?

  • The grant can be accessed by any business, public authority or charity
  • Your business needs to have off-street parking
  • You’ll need to present a business need for EV charge points
  • You’ll need to have your installation carried out by an OLEV approved installer
  • You’ll receive up to £350 per socket - for 40 sockets in total

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The future of company cars

With the government incentivising businesses to use electric cars for company cars through a reduction (or elimination) in company car tax, electric cars have never been more attractive to businesses. 

Having electric charging points at your workplace is an easy and convenient way to recharge employee electric vehicles while they are working. Having an electric vehicle charging point at your business will offer an extra incentive to visitors and employees, giving your business a competitive edge in your respective market. Your business will also be seen as forward thinking, eco-friendly and considerate company that has an EV fleet, encouraging workers to switch to this eco-friendly option.

About the OLEV Grant for Businesses

This current scheme, funded by the UK Government’s Office is called the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS); it enables businesses to install EV charging points in their premises by cutting costs to up to a maximum of 75%.

Under the Electric Vehicle Workplace Charge Scheme or the OLEV grant, the UK government provides an offer of up to £350 for every electric vehicle socket installation at the workplace (max 40 sockets), making the electric charge point installation process easier and easing the financial burden on your transition to electric vehicles. Workplaces and businesses are allowed to have twenty sockets and off-street parking facilities must be available to claim the workplace charge point grant.

What EV charge points do you need?

It is important that you have charging points that are compatible with a wide range of EVs as there are a range of voltage types available. The Type 27kW charger is the most common option for workplaces as this can be compatible with all the new and best-selling electric vehicles in the market. Electric vehicle charging can take a short time of three to four hours.

Wall or socket points?

Wall installations are the most commonly installed electric plug points, however, sockets that are installed on posts are also an option for on street parking. The latter is more expensive than the former as electricity needs to be supplied to the post from under the ground. To prevent unwanted usage of your electric charging sockets, you can provide parking access with a key or an RFID card.

Back-end support is provided for workplaces on their energy use, charge point basics and carbon footprint. Depending on the package purchased from the manufacturers, assistance can differ from having basic support to full-fledged assistance.

Costs of an electric plug point installation at work

Installation is generally charged in addition to the cost of the plug point, however, up to £350 pounds can be claimed under the OLEV grant for home and for your business. As mentioned above, electric power points on posts tend to be more expensive, costing from £2500 to £5000 after the application of the WCS grant. An advanced rapid charger can cost up to £35000. It is important that your business gets quotes from a number of different manufacturers as your options.

Regional and targeted workplace charging schemes

Scotland – Energy Saving Trust

If your business is set up in Scotland, then you might be eligible for additional funding. Once applications are made, they are assessed based on the number of EV fleet the workplace has to support and if public access points are installed; funding is allocated based on the priority.

Zero Carbon World

This is a fantastic opportunity to have free charging at your workplace. If your business is a hotel chain or you are in the tourism and leisure industry then you can be eligible for free charging. This incentive also applies to charities. The only cost that you might procure is the cost of the charge point installation, however, the OLEV grant scheme will help towards the cost of workplace chargers.

Go Ultra Low City Scheme

To promote the use of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) in certain regions across the UK have obtained GUL City status. In these regions, your business may receive additional funding. Nottingham, Bristol/Bath, London and Milton Keynes are four cities that have obtained GUL city status.